Respond to February Newsletter

Hey Y'all,
thanks for the newsletter! You guys are having fun, doing good deeds, having adventures, touching people, making them think, seeing a part of the world that you might not otherwise, picking up other people's garbage (good on you!!), AND writing newsletters. I think it's great.
I prefer it when Brady writes them cuz it just reads better. Irmi's English is good, yes, I don't want to be critical, because it is hard to find the right tone on those many subjects when it is not even your first language. It is easier to funny and sarcastic in your mother tongue.
Hope you enjoy it all. You really need some cultural backing. God, there must be so many companies that would like to back you up. That would free you from always begging from your friends. Not that I mind that, I just wish you could do it all and more without asking us. But that is also just part of the adventure and testing you are doing, walking that tight rope between show and non-profit organization. You guys are kinda of the monks of the performing world. They are also begging for their food because they cannot earn it themselves. Lucky for them they are wearing monk outfits that "prove" they have nothing to do with the material world. And the monks don't need so much dough for gas like you guys... So their tight rope is simpler.
Anyhoot, keep up the good. Hope to see you guys on this side. Happy trails, stay well. Good vibes.