How to describe the love?

I have to confess that my confidence with Irmi and Brady was not immediate, but the admiration and respect I feel for them was at first sight. I do not speak English well and maybe that's why I did not take the initiative to approach when they attended the first Art Festival we organized in the city where I live (Jaco Beach, Costa Rica).
At that time I tried to show my gratitude was immense, but if you can not explain it sometimes is in doubt. We greeted each other warmly, with the language of monosyllables, signs and the looks. It did not take more than that to realize that two people had met with a huge heart, much larger than the bus that transports them to undertake this adventure they decided together to explore, as they define the relationship between people and money. I think the balance is very positive for everyone involved in his shows, on and off stage. Always something is, and perhaps the only argument that can support the idea of walking through the world facing all odds in exchange for bringing thousands of people a memory, a moment and an unforgettable experience.
Life gave us a second and third chance to attend a performance of them. For me, having had the participation of these professional artists for two consecutive years is an asset we could hardly afford it not for your generosity. It behooves us, although we still miss a lot, try to move closer to reach the level shown by them, and increase at each meeting, our production capacity.
Over the functions, our relationship (my English and Spanish from Irmi) were progressing, sharing more than just a space for artistic expression. So finally, to the great admiration I feel for them, joined the friendship.
We do not know if we'll see, but we can be confident that accompany us forever. Bon voyage! See you soon! Thank you!

Hugo Daniel Lopez
Festival director Jaco Beach Art