David Aiken

Hey Guys,

Thanks for including me in your mailing list. It's fun to read about your ongoing adventures and see that you're spreading smiles and laughter where ever you go. Nice!

I started a little project myself with Robert Nelson back at the beginning of November and we've been interviewing people from the world of Street Theatre for a podcast that we're calling - Stories from the Pitch (http://BuskerHallofFame.com)

You guys have so many great stories from the BUST tour that I was thinking it would be great to work out a time when we could have a conversation on Skype where we could talk more about some of the things you've experienced over the last two years with the Big Underwear Tour in Central America.

If you get a chance I'd suggest that you have a listen to some of the episodes we've already put out so you can see a bit of what we've done. Really I'm just trying to capture moments from our world and share them in audio format and I'd love to include your story if you'd be willing to share it.

Let me know what you think if/when you get a moment and perhaps we can connect sometime soon for a chat.

Warm regards,
David Aiken
The Checkerboard Guy
Editor in Chief for Stories from the Pitch









Great talking with you! Really nice to catch up and just look at each other for an hour and hear your voice and your story and your thoughts... Nice!


Thanks for keepin' on keepin' on with the Tour and the Newsletter too... I think there's something really valuable about creating something and sharing it with the world. At the end of all of the recent podcasts I tack on the line -


"As you perform for audiences around the world, please remember to use your super powers for good!"

And it feels like that's a bit part of the Big Underwear tour, so keep it up!


I'm looking forward to getting some of your stories added to the Podcast and loved the conversation today as it gave me some ideas for the conversation we'll be able to have (or perhaps you'd be able to have with Robert) about some of your adventures and the purpose and dream behind the B.U.S.T. tour.


All good stuff!


If you have a minute and wanted to check out one of the recent episodes, I'd suggest you give Episode 15 with Eric Amber a listen - It's a great romp full of fantastic stories... By far the most listened to episode to date.
Hope the rest of your time in Texas is relaxing and you have a great Summer!
More soon I'm sure.


d. – checkerhead








Thanks for continuing to live by example and to write and share your adventures... Here we area at the beginning of June and I've just now found the time to read the newsletter you sent out about a month ago. I kept it in my inbox because I enjoy keeping tabs on your adventures, but my life was full of it's own chaos for most of the month of May and other things kept coming up and taking priority. Finding a quite moment to enjoy your news took far longer than I anticipated, but once again I enjoyed the tails of your adventures.


When we talked on Skype a while back I tried to convey how great what your doing is and how much I enjoy the way you continue to share this adventure through your newsletters. I'm trying to do something similar with the podcast recordings I've been doing with Robert and I sometimes loose track of the fact that other people have their own lives and their own priorities and I sometimes find it frustrating when I put out a new episode of the podcast and it doesn't look like many people are actually listening to it.


I was reminded today that it sometimes takes me a long time to get to the things that I enjoy like your newsletter, but that I'm grateful that they exist. So here's a little tip of my hat to you for continuing the adventure and for sharing it and for the reminder that the act of creation is enough. People will participate in that creation on their own time in their own way, but more the point for the participants in the making of things is to continue to make them. So please do continue.

I hope you have a great Summer in Europe and look forward to connecting with you before you head back out on the bus for a proper interview for the Stories from the Pitch Podcast.


Travel well and continue to make the world laugh and smile.


d. - checkerhead
Editor in Chief for Stories from the Pitch