Jesus and the Big Underwear

Irmi  and Brady, it is surely exhilarating to live right in the midst of nature and people, hear the ocean, hear the birds, experience some overwhelmingly beautiful sunsets and sun-ups, the moon and stars at night, the wind in the palm trees, the intricate sounds of insects and admire the endless variety in all creation.  I wonder if you sometimes wonder if Someone is behind all this intricate, minute and grandiose creation.  Does the mighty power of waves and storms, the view from the majestic height of a mountain let you sense some of the Presence of God?  Did you ever wonder if you can know Him personally?  Would you think it wonderful to realize that God is very much for you, loves you with a fierce love, so much that He came to earth in human form to let you experience Him as He really is? Jesus is God in human form.  To get to know Him is to get to know the God of Heaven and Earth.  Is that neat or what?
Whenever you truly start wondering, it could very well be that His Spirit knocks on your heart's door.  If you let Him in,  your life will take on a new meaning, you will see the world and its tragedies from God's perspective - all will make sense, above all your own lives.  Many issues that consume you now will present themselves in a new light - God's Light.  His Answers will surprise you and will make sense.  Like we here, you no longer have disquieting questions, you come to know the answers  and in small or large ways become part of the solution.  Life becomes solidly meaningful, with new challenges, new beauty, new difficulties etc.,  but worth it, because we know Who is with us now and forever - just like He promised.
I love the photos and can kind of imagine how it would feel to stand on that rock by the ocean or view the vast sky, with white clouds sailing beneath it, through the trees etc.  The world is so beautiful.  How wonderful that you take time to let your souls experience all this.  With God in it, you might  come away like on Eagle' Wings:).
You asked to share how some of us feel etc.  Well, there you got a piece from me/us:).
I wonder if Irmi's knee has gotten better?  You can ask God for wisdom and healing.  In Jesus' Name.  He loves you.


And here Brady’s respond …
I am happy to let you know thAT THE POWER OF THE BIG UNDERWEAR ALLOWS THAT YOU THINK LIKE YOU DO,, AND ASKS NOTHING IN RETURN,,, THE HIGHER ANNOINTING POWERS OF THE BIG UNDERWEAR RELIGION SHINE DOWN UPON YOU AND SUPPORT YOUR WONDERFULL AND TRADITIONAL BELIEFS,, THE BIG UNDERWEAR SPIRIT aCCEPTS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU.,,  you are the spirit that resides within yourself,,,, the big underwear religion is the one comical relgion that laughs with you,,, and also at you,, imagine me laughing at you right now,,, laughing and laughing and laughing.  The big underwear that is the underwear under your skin is really about you,, it does not try to blame or give credit to others for your existence,,,, you are here,, and that is beutifull,,, and when you leave,, the earth will be happy to reuse your body as possibly fertilizer for an apple tree,, or some other devine and natural thing.
blessed is the higher anointing spirit power of the big underwear annointing religion,, rejoice in the wonderfull life you share with others as confused and as well seemingly knowledgable of things passed down by others,, or books written by persons no longer physically with us,, rejoice and laiugh with them in they`re seriousness as to they`re faith in such invisable things, it is so,, and it will continue to be,,,,, the danger of EGO is an allways present  form of thecomicalness of man and of course woman.  watch them, join them,, dance with them in a comical celebration of human existence.  And allways feel good about yourself in this beutifull and confusing world, where so many try so hard,, and support is sometimes so distant,,,fear not for the power of the big underwear truely rejoices with you in your everyday life.
aman, and awoman, and a-children, and a-animals,, and a-mcdonalds,,, and a-etc...
your beutifull letter to us is rejoiced in a very special big underwear way.
Thank you, and Blessed be us on earth.
Brady and irmi,